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Oil Manipulation

June. 25. 2012  –  Category: Business, Economics, News (No Comments)

Oil Manipulation – As Vermont independent senator Bernie Sanders has pointed out in this interview, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley control 80% of American oil futures. By controlling the jumping up and falling down of oil and gas (and other commodities); these guys are constantly making money by “speculating” on short-term outcomes: if the market goes up, they make […]

Wifi Handwrite Pad Pro I got it working in 10 minutes. make sure you enter a password in the application on the pc side, it didn’t work for me if I leave the password empty. I already have Chinese input on my cell phone, this android app + pc application allows me to enter Chinese on my cell […]

American car Ford Focus

February. 26. 2013  –  Category: Autos (No Comments)

I have asked two Ford Focus owners, both of them said they are satisfied, read some reviews on Internet, all the reviews I read are positive, American cars are back! I plan to get one in 2014, hope they will have rearview camera according to the new law,  

Job interview skills

February. 26. 2013  –  Category: Work (No Comments)

A good job interview skill is to be confident and humble at the same time.

I was working on  patent drawings which requires black and white colors only, unless you file petition for color drawing, I tried Visio 2007 Standard, most of network and computer shapes are in color, I found web based drawing software can solve my problem, subscription fee is reasonable $4.95 per month, after I tried the demo on both Gliffy and […]

Farmers Market

October. 3. 2012  –  Category: Food, Health (No Comments)

A month ago I went to post office in Fremont on Sunday morning, I found this Irvington Farmers Market right by the post office, I walked around the market, saw very fresh fruits and vegetables, I picked up some eggs and mushrooms, I got home and cooked udon noodles (from Costco) with mushrooms, it is best udon I ever had, the mushrooms […]

Bash has improved and is very useful for a lot of tasks, many test suites from major companies are written in Bash, I also wrote test automation in Bash for my company. I bought this book “Linux Command Line And Shell Scripting – Second Edtion” on although most people rate this book five stars on Amazon, I have some comments: 1. it does not build the foundation for […]

Left to Tell

September. 25. 2012  –  Category: Literature, Philosophy, Religion (No Comments)

I browsed the book “Left to Tell – Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust”, author Immaculée Ilibagiza is a faithful christian, she forgives her family’s killers. I have a different view on holocaust, there are many religions, they have different “Gods”, isn’t holocaust an evidence that one God is more believable than the other? if it is, this more believable God sees holocaust, is this God the same one as […]

Doctors for the elderly

September. 17. 2012  –  Category: Health, People (No Comments)

When friends ask me help to fix their computers, if the computers are very old, I don’t like to fix them, especially it is hardware problem, I tell them get a new computer. very ofter I see doctors have similar attitude toward elderly, they would tell patient’s relatives your parents or grand parents are old, so it is common to have these kinds […]

A short vacation

September. 16. 2012  –  Category: Work (No Comments)

A co-worker told me she took her 11 year old daughter to Universal Studio last long weekend, she looked pretty excited about the fun things they did while she was talking, after she was done talking, I asked “did you have more fun than your daughter?”

After our web software was upgraded to latest WordPress, we got about 600 user registration spams for the last two days, we do have Theme My Login and SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam plugins on register page, that does not stop spams, after some testing, I have found the problem, the Theme My Login plugin create new register page, leave the default pages /wp-signup.php and /wp-login.php pages […]

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