July. 12. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Art, Music, People (No Comments)

You know there are literary thousands of pianists vying for
top positions in classical music. China alone probably churns out
over a hundred “world-class pianist” candidates every year. It’s become
like a blood sport. Then there are all sorts of piano competitions to determine the best
pianists — the Tchaikovsky Competition, Van Cliburn Competition, Richter Competition….
the list is long: and they are extremely tough. Unfortunately, it often turns into
a display of , what I like to call, “finger gymnastics” rather than music making;
and all these poor pianists try to perfect the same group of pieces that are generally
considered the most difficult and play them as fast as possible.

Most of the pianists on Youtube have won some contest or another. It’s a sad
state of affairs. It’s not art anymore.

Then a girl like Zlata comes along, and displays enormous musical talent and
insight. But what’s really strange is that she hasn’t really recorded anything that
I know of apart from what you see there on Youtube which is from the Richter
competition in Moscow (which she won). Where are her CD’s? She’s 27 now.
Is she going to wait until she’s 40 before she puts out an album?

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