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Tibetan graphic patterns

August. 22. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Art, Culture (No Comments) Tibetan graphic patterns

I had a Chinese friend years ago, she was a professional fashion designer and artist in painting, one time she wanted to take a long vacation to Tibet, I thought Tibet was not a very modern place back then, I was surprised and asked her why Tibet, she said she like Tibetan graphic patterns, now I know why Tibet, take a look at these amazing Tibetan graphic patterns: […]


July. 12. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Art, Music, People (No Comments)

You know there are literary thousands of pianists vying for top positions in classical music. China alone probably churns out over a hundred “world-class pianist” candidates every year. It’s become like a blood sport. Then there are all sorts of piano competitions to determine the best pianists — the Tchaikovsky Competition, Van Cliburn Competition, Richter Competition…. the list is long: […]


February. 13. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Art, Music, People (No Comments)

I stopped buying pop music since Britney Spears, a friend was chatting with me about Adele, Kate Perry, and Gaga on Grammy award, she said her mother bought Adele CD, (not Kate, not Gaga), I was very curious about this singer Adele, so I watched the 2012 Grammy award, saw Adele singing Rolling In The Deep, she is amazing, no surprise Rolling In The Deep is […]

Art and Dream

July. 28. 2010 by lawnz –  Category: Art (1 Comment) Art and Dream

People need to have dreams to appreaciate art.

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