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New Generation Firewall BlackRidge Eclipse

August. 28. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Business, Internet, Technology (No Comments)

Firewalls are commonly used in offices to protect resources on networks, traditional firewalls are designed based on network IP address, and TCP/UDP port, an access list in a firewall checks IP address and/or TCP/UDP port, what if source IP was spoofed, or you travel from one location to another, your laptop pc will get a new IP address from the local Internet […]

Oil Manipulation

June. 25. 2012 by admin –  Category: Business, Economics, News (No Comments)

Oil Manipulation – As Vermont independent senator Bernie Sanders has pointed out in this interview, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley control 80% of American oil futures. By controlling the jumping up and falling down of oil and gas (and other commodities); these guys are constantly making money by “speculating” on short-term outcomes: if the market goes up, they make […]

Craigslist model

January. 1. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Business, Internet, Work (No Comments)

I am working for a high tech company, the founder owns one patent for our product, we have a great team of engineers including some with PhD degree, one of my coworkers is still in graduate school, he probably knows more than most of his professors, our products consist of both hardware and software, especially very sophisticated software, many of […]

OpenCart vs Magento

January. 30. 2011 by lawnz –  Category: Business, Internet (2 Comments)

I need to find open source software for a new online shopping website, there are many options, I read some users positive reviews about Magento, I started using it, modified the code, it is bloated code, hard to customize it for the features I want to have, I was looking for other options, I read some reviews from developers, most are not […]


August. 9. 2010 by lawnz –  Category: Business (2 Comments)

Pharmacy stores like Walgreen, CVS sell medication, alcohol, cigarette, what an odd combination? isn’t it convenient? you get sick, just go back to same place to get medication.

One of the best products in a company

August. 7. 2010 by lawnz –  Category: Business (No Comments)

One of the best products in a company is the product takes the company to go IPO.

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