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Tibetan graphic patterns

August. 22. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Art, Culture (No Comments) Tibetan graphic patterns

I had a Chinese friend years ago, she was a professional fashion designer and artist in painting, one time she wanted to take a long vacation to Tibet, I thought Tibet was not a very modern place back then, I was surprised and asked her why Tibet, she said she like Tibetan graphic patterns, now I know why Tibet, take a look at these amazing Tibetan graphic patterns: […]


September. 8. 2010 by lawnz –  Category: Culture, Travel (No Comments)

My friend she is in Italy now, I was talking about Italy with her, I have been there couple of years ago, the hotel I stayed was about 200 years old, I went to night clubs, they still play old American songs, antique is everywhere, this is an interesting country, I feel old is new in Italy.

Open minded vs narrow minded

July. 31. 2010 by lawnz –  Category: Culture (No Comments)

I look around people in real world, narrow minded people do a better job to preserve their culture than open minded people.

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