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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone

September. 3. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Electronics, Shopping (No Comments)

Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone

Verizon 4G LTE cell phones

September. 3. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Electronics, Shopping, Technology (No Comments)

I just got a new Samsung S3 cell phone from local Verizon store, they ported my old phone number from Sprint to this new phone, I have used it for couple of days, Verizon is a much better carrrier than Sprint, voice calls are clear, Internet 4G LTE service is fast, both talk and Internet services are reliable in Santa Clara and […]

Inventor Akinori ITO (CEO has come up with a great idea, he creates a portable machine to reverts plastic back to oil. And the funny thing is that’s it’s so obvious, it makes you wonder why no one thought of it before. It is very important to get rid of plastic waste, very Interesting video to watch him actually […]

I got a tripod collar mount ring for $7.59, As one user said in his review on, I removed the tape inside the collar, added velcro, it holds the lens adapter DMW-LA5 very well. here is a nice moon photo I took,  iA mode with Raynox DCR-2025 PRO high definition telephoto lens 2.2x pro,

Accessories for Panasonic FZ-150 camera

June. 25. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Electronics, Photography (No Comments)

This is list of accessories for Panasonic FZ150 camera, 1. SanDisk Extreme 32GB 45MB/s SDHC Flash Memory Card SDSDX-032G-X46,Black 2. RainbowImaging 100 Meter 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Shutter Release. it does work with FZ150, make sure you insert the battery correctly, the cable two ends are different, plug one end with three threads into camera, the other end with two […]

I have to get a new camera for my next travel coming soon, I have couple of point and shoot cameras, they either have problem with noise or are very slow, I have to wait for seconds between shots, it is worse when shooting in low light condition, the flash takes long time to recharge. I don’t like bulky DSLR cameras, I just need […]

Camera for low-light shooting

March. 27. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Electronics, Photography (No Comments)

I had couple of cameras in the past, most cameras do a good job in bright light condition, few can do a decent job in low-light condtion, I always thought large sensor was the only factor to choose a good camera for shooting in low-light condition, I found a good article explains both sensor and lens affect picture quality in low-light condition, here is […]

Is Steve Jobs master inventor?

September. 7. 2011 by lawnz –  Category: Computers, Electronics, Technology (No Comments)

I read AP (Associated Press) article calls Steve Jobs master inventor, here is a list of his patents, All his patents are about packaging, user interface of computer or device, I would not call him master inventor, that title should go to inventors like Tesla, what is the difference between AP and People magazine? :)

LED TV vs LCD and Plasma

July. 5. 2011 by admin –  Category: Electronics (No Comments)

I went to stores with my friend to look for a HDTV, I compared picture quality of LED HDTV vs LCD vs Plasma, they are close, I used my hand to feel the screens, they were very different, Plasma is hot, LCD is warm, LED is cooler then LCD, my friend is specialized in embedded system, he said hot is bad, then I compared […]

Camera lens

July. 4. 2011 by lawnz –  Category: Electronics (No Comments)

Do you ever wonder how a 18-55mm camera len is translated to optical zoom? the numbers 18 and 55 are focus length, 55/18=~3, it is about 3x zoom, I found a good link on Canon website to visualize the focus length comparison, here is the theory,

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