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Farmers Market

October. 3. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Food, Health (No Comments)

A month ago I went to post office in Fremont on Sunday morning, I found this Irvington Farmers Market right by the post office, I walked around the market, saw very fresh fruits and vegetables, I picked up some eggs and mushrooms, I got home and cooked udon noodles (from Costco) with mushrooms, it is best udon I ever had, the mushrooms […]

Roast Capon with Armagnac-Mushroom Sauce

June. 26. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Food (No Comments)

I used to watch this guy, Jacques Pepin,  on TV in the 80′s. He showed a form of French cooking that is very simple to do, and largely based on produce from an organic garden. He’s a great master of cooking, and teaches actual kitchen techniques and even theoretical points as well. He’s getting kind of old now, but he’s […]

Grow organic mushroom

June. 26. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Food, Gardening (No Comments)

I know you like to put Shitaki mushrooms in your soup. Here is a link to the “mushroom log”. It’s a hardwood log that has been drilled with several dozen holes, which have been inoculated with mushroom spores and sealed with wax. It can produce a harvest of mushrooms every 2 months for about 4 years. It requires zero […]


May. 15. 2011 by lawnz –  Category: Complaints, Food (No Comments)

I asked my friend do you think when MacDonald’s started their business many years ago, did they sell their “famous convenient low cost no taste hamberger”? now they have to add ketchup and mustard for the taste, I guess they must make much better hamburgers when they just started business.

What Beer To Choose

February. 4. 2011 by lawnz –  Category: Environment, Food (No Comments)

There are so many beers in the market, I usually choose Sierra Nevada beers, because Sierra Nevada Brewing company is using 80% of energy from eco energy, more than any other brewing companies, and their beers taste good too.

Courvoisier XO

November. 17. 2010 by lawnz –  Category: Food (No Comments)

Most cheap brandy is harsh and hard to drink, sometimes I suggest friends to add white creme de mint, I recently taste Courvoisier XO, it is so smooth, it is my favorite brandy now.

Chewing Gum

July. 30. 2010 by lawnz –  Category: Food, Health (No Comments)

I was chewing Trident peppermint gum, I could not believe how much artificial color they add in it, my tongue and saliva turned green, after reading the article from the following link, I will avoid gum as I can. {{{ Analysis of Chewing Gum Again, as with the soft drink, chewing gum started out as a relatively fun and harmless […]

Tequila and salt

June. 1. 2009 by lawnz –  Category: Food (1 Comment)

Bad Tequila needs salt to kill the bad taste, premium Tequila tastes great without salt. McDonald’s hamburger would taste nothing without mustard and ketchup :)

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