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Yahoo Movie Reviews

June. 16. 2011 by lawnz –  Category: Complaints, Movies (No Comments)

I watched Super 8 last night, it was a terrible movie to me, I read Yahoo movie reviews B+ overall by users, that was one reason I went, then I came back to read details in some reviews, OMG one review title “Perfectly Made Movie” and gave A+ rating, I think there might be some professional review writers.

Love story movies

December. 29. 2009 by lawnz –  Category: Movies (No Comments)

Love is a word too broad in relationships, I have been thinking that the best quality in relationships is loyalty, I have seen quiet a few love story movies, why those movies touch our bottom of heart, is there a common quality in the love stories to move us? because we always see beautiful actresses and handsome actors, it is […]

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