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Left to Tell

September. 25. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Literature, Philosophy, Religion (No Comments)

I browsed the book “Left to Tell – Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust”, author Immaculée Ilibagiza is a faithful christian, she forgives her family’s killers. I have a different view on holocaust, there are many religions, they have different “Gods”, isn’t holocaust an evidence that one God is more believable than the other? if it is, this more believable God sees holocaust, is this God the same one as […]


August. 22. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: History, People, Politics, Religion, World (No Comments)

Li Ao, a Taiwanese Nobel Prize nominee and historian, talks about Tibet. Li Ao is a brave man, he risked his life to advocate democracy, he was jailed by KMT party. however his video raises some doubts and questions in my mind, he did not tell where he got those pictures, neither explained if he verified them true or false, and no interviews with any […]

Christian Science

August. 22. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Religion (No Comments)

I have a friend who told me about her religion Christian Science, it is created by Mary Baker Eddy, I found it is a very interesting religion, first time I heard a religion connecting religion and science, here is wiki,

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