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Job interview skills

February. 26. 2013 by lawnz –  Category: Work (No Comments)

A good job interview skill is to be confident and humble at the same time.

A short vacation

September. 16. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Work (No Comments)

A co-worker told me she took her 11 year old daughter to Universal Studio last long weekend, she looked pretty excited about the fun things they did while she was talking, after she was done talking, I asked “did you have more fun than your daughter?”

Gina Rinehart vs Todd Akin

September. 3. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: People, Politics, Work (No Comments)

My friend picks up this news about Gina Rinehart, people jealous of the wealthy should “spend less time drinking or smoking and socialising”. I think she a billionaire is a human being too, she has freedom of speech, right to express herself, she is not like Todd Akin, Akin works in our goverment and said: “If it’s a legitimate rape, […]

Factory Jobs

July. 26. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Work (No Comments)

I read this article on Yahoo, I don’t think that the reason young workers don’t want factory jobs is because just image problem, I remember years ago I went to a city college to learn HAVC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), I told one friend about it, my friend told me that HAVC is not my kind of jobs, he explained […]

Support pension reform

June. 27. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Economics, Politics, Work (No Comments)

We see our voting system is not reliable sometimes, but I am sure pension system is the most reliable system in goverment : ) and the pension system is better than all the companies I know of. here are some numbers, “Pension costs paid to retired city workers will be about $423 million in 2011, at a time when San Francisco is facing an annual […]

Craigslist model

January. 1. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Business, Internet, Work (No Comments)

I am working for a high tech company, the founder owns one patent for our product, we have a great team of engineers including some with PhD degree, one of my coworkers is still in graduate school, he probably knows more than most of his professors, our products consist of both hardware and software, especially very sophisticated software, many of […]

why so hard for new graduates to get a job

May. 15. 2011 by lawnz –  Category: Economics, Work (2 Comments)

On the KQED radio, I listened to one new graduate complaining about job market situation for new graduates, she said BS or BA degree used to guarantee a job for new graduates, but not anymore now, they have to get advanced degree or work hard to have impressive experience in resume. why so hard for new graduates to get a job? […]

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