Q. How to add a new post?
A. Use Register link in the header to register first, you will receive a password in
your email, use Login link to login, follow Posts -> Add New, to add a new

Q. Can I add a post in multiple categories?
A. Yes, multiple categories can be selected for a new post.

Q. How to add an image in a post?
A. login -> Posts -> Add New -> click the icon ‘Add an Image’ -> select an image
file on your computer -> change options for the image -> click Insert Into Post

For images larger than 600×600 px, click on File URL button in Upload Media
menu to make the reduced size image clickable to the full size image.

For multiple images, after uploading image files, select Gallery tab, select a gallery
to insert into the post.

Q. How to add a comment?
A. Any vistor can add a comment, just leave a name and email in the comment
form on each post and sumbit the comment form.

Q. Can I change my login password?
A. Yes, after login, follow Users -> Your Profile -> New Password -> Update Profile

Q. What is RSS?
A. The most common translation is “Really Simple Syndication” , we offer
RSS for each category, all comments, and each post, when you subscribe
to a RSS feed, updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded
to your computer and can be viewed in Internet Explorer and other programs.