How to start your day with harmony

August. 3. 2010 by marguerite –  Category: Fitness (1 Comment)

Here are a few tips on how to start your day with harmony and to reach an inner peace and how to prepare yourself for your daily tasks:

When the alarmclock  wakes you up,don’t rush out of bed;give your body and mind enough time to wake up gradually,slowly.This doesn’t have to take more than 10 minutes,but they are very important 10 minutes.

Meditative music will help you to relax,so turn on the music that you like and that you associate with positiveness.

Lay straight on your back with your arms alongside you.Take a deep breath by inhaling trough your nose, and exhaling through your mouth.Repeat this exercise for 5 minutes while you empty your mind of all worries and negative thoughts you may have.Concentrate and focus your mind on something or someone that makes you happy and relaxed.As your brain and the rest of the body recieves fresh oxygen,your will experience a relaxed state of mind.

After this exercise , focus on contracting all the big muscles in your body:

Inhale through your nose;Press your neck,shoulders,upper and lower back,your arms,buttocks upper and lower legs towards the matress while clinching your fists.Keep this position for 10 seconds and then relax your muscles while exhaling through through your mouth.Repeat the exercise 3 times and when you have finished just lay and listen to the music for a few more minutes.

I think you now feel relaxed with hopefully a smile on your face.

When you get out of your bed,the first thing I  recommend you to do is to drink fresh cold water to remove the impurities in your body, and don’t forget to start your day with a nutritious breakfast.

You are ready to meet the day,and don’t forget that God loves you.

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  1. lawnz Says:

    I am always in a hurry to go to work, I need to take easy while getting up,
    relax and do some exercise. thanks for the great blog!

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