Farmers Market

October. 3. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Food, Health (No Comments)

A month ago I went to post office in Fremont on Sunday morning, I found this Irvington Farmers Market right by the post office,

I walked around the market, saw very fresh fruits and vegetables, I picked up some eggs and mushrooms, I got home and cooked udon noodles (from Costco) with mushrooms, it is best udon I ever had, the mushrooms is kind of sweet. a week later I went again, not to post office, to the same farmers’ market, I picked a lot of fruits, vegetables, and deserts, here is a funny thing, I asked the vendor what kind of fruits are those? the vendor smiled, then answered “don’t know English name” :) the fruits look pretty good, I don’t really care about names, I got those unknown fruits anyway, they do taste really good. I feel I discovered a new world, these fruits and vegetables are much better than Safeway’s or even Trader Joes’. I also found people like to talk with their favorite vendors at the market, I did too, I told the mushroom vendor I like their sweet mushrooms.

After eating fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers’ market for couple of weeks , I feel healthier.

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