Oil Manipulation

June. 25. 2012 by admin –  Category: Business, Economics, News (No Comments)

Oil Manipulation – As Vermont independent senator Bernie Sanders has pointed out in this interview, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley control 80% of American oil futures.


By controlling the jumping up and falling down of oil and gas (and other commodities); these guys are constantly making money by “speculating” on short-term outcomes: if the market goes up, they make money; if it goes down, they make money. It’s like a rigged casino where somehow every roll of the dice or pull of the slot machine is controlled by the house.

These investment firms are powerful enough to perpetuate the myth that the cost of a barrel of oil depends on supply-and-demand, in order to hide their price manipulation. The mainstream media goes along with this.

Anyone who bothers to investigate a little can easily see what is really going on here!

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