Human grade dog food

December. 8. 2011 by lawnz –  Category: Pets (No Comments)

I don’t have pets, because I don’t have time to take care of pets, I like to see people have pets though. It was very interesting to hear from my friend how he made human grade dog food, he has a pitbull, the dog is allergic to corns, most dog food contains corns, he really loves his dog, he did some research on Internet, starts making dog food himself, he bought most ingredients from Smart and Final store, potatoes, brown rice, chickens, broccoli, tomato, etc, he put the chicken bones into oven, baked it till it can be grinded, he grinds the chicken bones into powders, and mix it into dog food, I asked him if he can tell his dog like the food made for her, he said his dog would come back couple times to finish the dog food he got from stores, but his dog always finishes all the food he made in the bowl at one time, and licks the empty bowl couple of times, he calls the dog food he made - human grade dog food : )

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