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Li Ao, a Taiwanese Nobel Prize nominee and historian, talks about Tibet.


Li Ao is a brave man, he risked his life to advocate democracy, he was jailed by KMT party. however his video raises some doubts and questions in my mind, he did not tell where he got those pictures, neither explained if he verified them true or false, and no interviews with any real Tibetan people, although I have great respect for what he did for Taiwan and even China, I don’t think his (documentary sort of) show is well done, I do think we should not support political monks blindly, we should really ask Tibetan people what they really want. one day I will travel to Tibet to find it out myself, and keep you posted!

more on Li Ao,


“His speech at Peking University was particularly noteworthy as Li publicly urged the Chinese Communist Party to protect the freedom of speech as laid down in the constitution of the PRC. But he also praised the achievement of the CCP in bringing economic progress and prosperity; at one point he even alluded to the Tiananmen Square massacre and take it as an example to sustain his point that freedom should be obtained through “cleverer” means, rather than mass revolutions that could result in numerous deaths.”

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