New Generation Firewall BlackRidge Eclipse

August. 28. 2012 by lawnz –  Category: Business, Internet, Technology (No Comments)

Firewalls are commonly used in offices to protect resources on networks, traditional firewalls are designed based on network IP address, and TCP/UDP port, an access list in a firewall checks IP address and/or TCP/UDP port, what if source IP was spoofed, or you travel from one location to another, your laptop pc will get a new IP address from the local Internet service provider, in either case, the access list in a firewall will not work the way it is expected. John Hayes one of the founders of Alteon invented a new technology to fix these problems, and founded BlackRidge to make new generation security appliances – Eclipse, this new product is designed based on the new invention which uses communication identity to allow access or deny access, Eclipse blocks spoofed IP, and your laptops can access resources allowed by Eclipse from anywhere you travel to.

follow this link for more information on their products,

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