A cheap cell phone vs a professional circular saw

September. 6. 2011 by lawnz –  Category: Technology, Uncategorized (No Comments)

I had a contractor to help me build a storage shed in backyard over last weekend, after he finished the job, he left around 9 pm really late, just 5 minites after he left, I heard door bell rings, I opened the door, it was the contractor, he looked in shock and asked if I saw his cell phone, I said no, I started calling his number, we heard the rings and found his cell phone wrapped around in a piece of cloth in his car, I looked at his cell phone, it was not iPhone, not HTC, it looked kind of cheap, he was so relieved, then next day I found a nice Makita circular saw in the backyard, I called his cell phone, left a voice message, after two days past, he has not called me back for his saw, we have an appointment he is supposed  to come back for a different job this weekend.

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